Shrink-Wrapping Services

SprintPrint Shrinkwrap Services

SprintPrint's thermal-vacuum shrink-wrapping service helps protect forms, mailers and invoices during shipping and storage. Shrink-wrapping your print projects not only saves space in your supply room, but also reduces the risk of damage from dust, bending, and yellowing.

SprintPrint's equipment uses a thermal-vacuuming process that can shrink-wrap almost anything. If you use our sequential numbering services, consider shrink-wrapping counted bundles of numbered pieces to help you maintain your inventory. What better way to keep track of the forms you have on hand than to quickly count a few shrink-wrapped bundles?

Here are some of the projects that are often shrink-wrapped for easy storage and shipping:

•    Catalogs
•    Invoices
•    Purchase Orders
•    Forms
•    Booklets
•    Direct Mailers

SprintPrint also offers paper banding, chipboard backing, boxing in a wide variety of sizes, and free local delivery. For more about our shrink-wrapping and other packing and shipping services, contact SprintPrint today!


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