Scoring and Slitting

SprintPrint's scoring service works hand-in-hand with our folding services, because scoring is typically used when heavier stock needs to be folded. When we "score" a piece of stock, we are placing a groove where the fold will be. This "pre-fold" in the stock ensures that the fold will be placed in the correct position. With today's complex print designs, heavy stocks, and specialty papers, you can count on SprintPrint to score and fold your print project with precision.

SprintPrint's slitting service is akin to paper cutting. When we "slit" a piece of paper or cardstock, we are providing you with a way to insert other materials into the slits. One of the most popular types of paper-slitting we perform is for holding a business card.

Be sure to check out SprintPrint's folding and paper-cutting services for other finishing options.

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